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(#107) "Песня остается с человеком"
משחק לקבוצות,
05.06.2020 / 17:00:00
סוג משחק: Quest
מחברים: Ledea, Mix0n
השתתפות: free
(#104) "Что пили авторы "
משחק לקבוצות,
10.11.2023 / 14:30:00
סוג משחק: Quest
מחברים: Чёрная Кошка, Apuox
השתתפות: 100 usd

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שמי Алексей. שמ משתמש שלי Вечный_. I am responsible for all games and events held on this site, and in general for everything that is happening here. You can contact me if you want to organize or order the game. I consider the proposal on mutual partnership.
I also give the participants various rights and make decisions in conflict situations.
If you have any questions related to general gameplay and the whole project, first try to find answers on the page F.A.Q.. Or contact our Global Live Support.

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